Subject to change, the terms and conditions described below are accepted before using the Bitcoin Distributor. Since the terms and conditions may be updated from time to time (for example, changes to FINMA laws and regulations or changes in the BITC Sàrl guidelines), we recommend that you periodically visit the terms and conditions in order to become acquainted with the terms and conditions. any changes to the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions can also be found on the BITC Sàrl website: bitc.ch/cg.html

    Transaction Information

BITC Sàrl offers the following services: purchase and sale of Bitcoins and other crypto currencies.

2.1 Personal identification

BITC Sàrl identifies all natural or legal persons. There is a limit of CHF 5,000 per transaction per day, beyond these limits, an identification with any official document issued by a Swiss Authority, with a photo, and personal information will be required.

After exceeding the limits mentioned above, BITC Sàrl will contact the person with the information received, in order to sign a contract and clarify the customer's data to increase its level from 5'000 CHF to 25'000 CHF on distributors. The data makes it possible to maintain an AML register.

The data may be transmitted or controlled by the federal authorities, an AML (Money Laundering) Reviewer, or by a self-regulatory body, but by no means for marketing or other purposes.

By accepting the terms and conditions, the customer agrees that his data are recorded and that these data can be transmitted to the authorities mentioned above.

2.2 Mandatory for transactions

Have your own mobile phone and a valid number to be identified. The amount of the transaction can be transferred to an existing wallet, otherwise you will be given a paper wallet. After exceeding the limits, it is necessary to identify with an official document issued by a Swiss Authority and provided with a photograph. For clients who do not have this document, a foreign identity card or foreign passport or other officially recognized travel document for entry into Switzerland will be required.

2.3 Deadlines for the transaction

The transaction is done immediately, however the transaction must be validated (confirmed) 6 times by the Bitcoin network.

2.4 Availability and validity of the offer

We strive to have Bitcoins that we offer on the distributor. When the requested Bitcoins are not available, we reserve the right to refuse your purchase or sale order. You will be informed by a message on the screen.

Prices are displayed in real time based on supply and demand. A time limit to conclude the transaction, is fixed on the distributor. Price, spelling or other errors may occur, however BITC Sàrl guarantees that the information displayed is kept up to date.

2.5 At what point in the process do you commit to completing the transaction?

By clicking on "Accept Terms and Conditions" you agree to complete the transaction and accept the terms and conditions.

At the time of purchase, the distributor does not return money. Tickets inserted in the distributor will be considered exchangeable. It is therefore important to include the exact amount for the transaction.

The receipt printed by the distributor is a hard copy of the transaction. However, the transaction can be verified through the chain of blocks where the transactions are listed (blockchain.info).

If you make a mistake while completing your transaction, please contact our customer service team by email at support@bitc.ch.

Before inserting money you are required to check if the destination address matches the one printed on the paper wallet delivered by our machines.

2.6 Fraud Verification

To protect our customers and ensure transaction security, we can verify customer identity data. These controls may include verification of the identity of the natural or legal person to avoid fraud.

2.7 Terms of payment

We accept the following payment methods:

    Cash in Swiss francs (ticket only, CHF 10, CHF 20, CHF 50, CHF 100, CHF 200)
    Cash in Euro (ticket only, 5 Euro, 10 Euro, 20 Euro, 50 Euro, 100 Euro, 200 Euro, 500 Euro)

Please note that we can not accept payment methods other than those indicated above and that the device does not have a coin acceptor. If you try to pay by another means of payment, we accept no responsibility for loss of payment or any damage resulting from your action.

2.8 Prices / Courses

Prices displayed on the distributor are those applicable at the time of purchase or sale and based on exchange platforms.


2.9 Exchange costs

Each transaction that the customer carries out on a distributor or with the company BITC Sàrl, fixed fees of 1.00 CHF are retained on each transaction.


2.10 Laws and regulations against money laundering

As a financial intermediary, we are obliged to respect the laws and rules dictated by the competent authorities and self-regulatory bodies. The customer must be aware of the laws, orders and regulations dictated by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority). This information is available on the FINMA website (www.finma.ch).

BITC Sàrl is doing its best to prevent its customers from defrauding or laundering their money with their distributors. You must be at least 18 years old to use the Services. Any fraudulent use of or any use for illegal, inappropriate or immoral purposes is strictly prohibited. BitC reserves the right to block access to atms without notice. You can not make multiple transactions in excess of CHF 5,000.

2.11 Responsibilities

BITC Sàrl guarantees the payment to the customer in the currency (Swiss Francs) at the time of the sale or the amount indicated in cryptocurrency at the time of the purchase.

BITC is not responsible for the loss, theft, damage or damage to the paper wallet. We do not retain any copies and you agree to be solely responsible for your private keys.

Any claim beyond 14 days from the date of purchase or sale will be null and void. Refunds are made only in the currency originally used for the purchase and sale.
in the context of a sale (SELL) in case of problem with a banknote defective or when it is stuck by the device the sale is deemed finalized. in this situation we perform a physical check of the device and refund the cash to the customer either by bank transfer or by appointment within a reasonable time.
2.12 Contact

BITC Sàrl is at the disposal of all users to answer questions or give information by the following means: mail, email or telephone.

Rue de Tramelan  11
2710 Tavannes
Email: info@bitc.ch